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AQUEPURE Impianto di Potabilizzazione Acque - Marchio Celeste

Water purification system

The AquePure project

The AquePure project has been developed with the aim of filling all gaps and overcoming all the operating difficulties detected in the traditional or already existing water purification plants.

The AquePure water purification plants have been created after a careful selection and application of the best assembly components and high-tech home automation systems powered by renewable energy in order to allow the machines to provide drinking water also in critical situations.

H2O 4.1
Plant for the purification of fresh or brackish water with solar power.

About H2O 4.1:

The H2O 4.1 is designed to provide drinking water. Through a purification system it can draw water from any type of source, such as lakes, rivers, wells, marshes, brackish water, sea water, aquifers and provide drinking water.

Impianto di Potabilizzazione Acque a irraggiamento Solare - AQUEPURE - il container
Impianto di Potabilizzazione Acque a irraggiamento Solare - AQUEPURE - per la produzione di acqua potabile a seguito di disastri naturali
Home automation and renewable energy.

How it works

The plant is powered by solar radiation through high-tech home automation systems. Designed to work in all critical situations following natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or events in which finding drinking water and electricity is almost impossible. 

The solution to the water problem in the world.

From the far North to the Equator

The whole plant is set inside a 20’ container. The standard size and the strategic structure allow to transport the plant anywhere in the world by any means: ships, planes, helicopters.
Impianto di Potabilizzazione Acque a irraggiamento Solare - AQUEPURE - per la produzione di acqua potabile trasportabile in tutto il mondo con qualsiasi mezzo
Remotely managed and monitored with no distance limits, via satellite connection. It does not require specialized personnel for maintenance and can therefore be placed anywhere in the world.



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