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Chile, drained by avocado plantations

“Here there are more avocados than people, but while people lack water, avocados don’t”

For the production of one kilogram of Avocado, also known as “green gold”, about 389.5 litres of water are needed

20% of the Avocado which gets to Europe is produced in Chile. According to Eurostat data, the production is constantly increasing: 51,000 tons in 2012, 62,000 tons in 2015 and 141,000 in 2016.

Some regions in Chile are completely dry, both rivers and aquifers have been dried up.

Drought causes serious damages to the health of people who can only rely on contaminated yellow or soil-mixed water both for drinking and daily habits.    

Impianti Potabilizzazione - Cile, prosciugato dalle piantagioni di Avocado
Impianti Potabilizzazione - Cile, prosciugato dalle piantagioni di Avocado

“In 2010 the United Nations included access to safe drinking water and sanitation among the fundamental human rights”.

We would like to highlight that the text says that
“Access to safe drinking water is essential for the enjoyment of all human rights”.

AQUEPURE Impianto di Potabilizzazione Acque - Marchio Celeste
The solution to the drinking water problem in the world, from the far North to the equator.


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